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VW Golf GTI TCR is 325bhp racecar you can no longer buy

VW has given the GTI TCR race car concept the green light, meaning you can buy a touring car for the road. Well, that is if all 20 cars hadn’t already been sold.

The VW Golf TCR is based on the production GTI and the underlying MQB platform, but it has been widened by 400mm and given a large carbon rear wing, 18-inch racing rims and an aerodynamic front splitter.

It also shares the same engine as the latest generation Golf R, except here the 2.0-litre four-cylinder now outputs 330PS (325bhp) and 410Nm of torque. 0-62mph takes 5.2 seconds and the top speed is approximately 142mph.

But unlike the four-wheel drive R, the GTI TCR relies on all power going to the front wheels with some help from a multi-plate differential.

The inside has been tweaked for race use, too. A roll cage, FIA-approved safety tank and racing seat with head protectors help keep the driver safe should the driver crash.

VW Motorsport worked with Seat to use its experience gained from the Leon Cup Racer, which also is built on the MQB platform.

20 cars were built to celebrate 40 years of the first Golf GTI and all found homes in January 2016, meaning you never really had a chance to buy one. Unless you’re one of the teams partaking in the TCR touring car championships the car is designed for.

VW Motorsport director Jost Capito said: “The Golf GTI TCR allows customer sports teams to partake in reasonably-priced motorsport with a Volkswagen. Furthermore, the teams can expand their motorsport commitments innumerous TCR championships, both at national and international level.”

He added: “We are providing them with a car that is ideally suited and prepared for this purpose: the Golf has not only made an outstanding impression at tests, but also shown its great potential in competition.”

VW announced another celebratory model, the GTI Clubsport. This beefed-up GTI features a 2.0-litre TFSI with 265PS (an increase of 35PS on the previous most powerful GTI) that can be temporarily increased to 290PS with a ‘boost’ function.

The GTI TCR will be delivered to teams from the 11th of March, 2016. We have approached VW for performance and pricing details.

VW Golf GTI TCR pictures


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