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Watch a bloke break the Guinness World Record for drifting

Two and a half hours is a long time, especially when counting down the end to a working week. It is even longer, however, if you’re going sideways in a Toyota GT86 around what appears to be a wet helicopter pad.

German drift king Harald Müller decided to break the Guinness World Record for drifting by going sideways for a staggering two hours, 25 minutes and 18 seconds. That equates to 89.55 miles of unadulterated, purposefully induced oversteer.

Good to watch, bad for the tyres
Good to watch, bad for the tyres

There are moments where it seems like the record is a fail, but we’re still mighty impressed by the fact the souped-up Toyota GT86 laps the 236-metre course 612 times. Needless to say, new tyres will be needed.

The previous drift world record measured 51.2 miles and was achieved by BMW Performance Center Instructor Johan Schwartz, which in itself is a remarkable feat. Petrolheads who have dabbled in the art will know it is much harder than it looks. Unless you happen to be The Stig. Or this guy.

Drifting originates from Japan and was brought to mainstream attention by The Fast and the Furious movies. Another famous drifter, Ken Block, has also done a fair bit for the sport in his Gymkhana video series.

Guinness World Record drift by Harald Müller video


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