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Watch a Ferrari 488 GTB hit 212mph on the Autobahn

Supercars and even sports cars never get the chance to reach their lofty top speeds, unless you own an airfield. But those who can access Germany’s Autobahn might argue otherwise.

The proof is a YouTube video of a Ferrari 488 GTB hitting an astonishing 341km/h, which in imperial is just shy of 212mph. Not only is that utterly insane for a public road, given that 94 metres is covered every second at that speed, it’s 7mph beyond the 205mph figure Ferrari gives.

Although purists will mourn the loss of naturally-aspirated pulling power, the 458 replacement and its 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 offers an extra 91bhp, taking total output to 661bhp. Torque, meanwhile, is 560lb/ft (760Nm) – a whopping 220Nm more.

Full acceleration will see the 488 GTB go from 0 to 124mph in 8.3 seconds, the time it takes most cars to reach 62mph. No wonder, then, it was able to reach the 200mph-mark in hardly any time at all.

As supercars go, few get as super as this particular Ferrari, making its £200,000-odd price tag suddenly seem good value. Well, kind of.

Watch the video below of the Autobahn run and don’t try this at home (the UK speed limit is much less accommodating) before checking out our video of the 488 GTB at Geneva 2015.

Ferrari 488 GTB at 212mph on the Autobahn


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