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Watch someone crash a million pound Ferrari LaFerrari

Fancy making yourself wince? Watch the following video of a driver who found out the hard way why flooring Ferrari’s LaFerrari on public roads is a bad idea.

The video posted by Hyngary GsmVonal shows a dash cam inside a car following a LaFerrari in Budapest, Hungary. At first the car is happily cruising along behind other motorists. 

About 18 seconds in the central lane clears and the owner of the LaFerrari decides to put all 963bhp and 900Nm of torque to use, which causes it to twitch to the left and then sharply to right as the driver presumably tries to counter steer. 

Unfortunately for the driver, it’s too late and before you know it one million quid of Italian hypercar insanity smashes into a load of parked vehicles on the right side of the road – and petrolheads worldwide start to cry.

Reports say the car had only just left a repair shop, which would mean the tyres were cold and therefore even less prepared to cope with that sort of power.

Or maybe it’s merely a case of an inexperienced driver biting off more than he can chew. As one YouTube commenter bluntly put it, “money does not buy driving talent”. The video awaits – you have been warned…

Ferrari LaFerrari crash video


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