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Watch the elderly react to Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto games have been a massive success among younger players and are blamed for society’s failings by older generations. Yet it seems all ages can enjoy a virtual life of crime.

A video posted on YouTube by React shows ‘elders’ (old people) playing Grand Theft Auto V for the first time and their reactions to hijacking vehicles, dropping a grenade near a car, shooting prostitutes and living with an alcoholic wife.

The video is extremely entertaining, but it is the difference in initial reactions that stands out most. While some stick to the rules, cuss the bad language spewing from the game’s protagonist and try to play by the rules, others seem to completely let loose and go on a muderous rampage.

“I’m looking for trouble,” one says joyfully after discovering the game’s many weapons. Another exclaims “I’m beginning to have fun” after unleashing a hail of bullets from a silenced weapon into a passer-by.

Eventually all players succumb to the temptations offered by a virtual city and find themselves being shot or arrested by police, having committed a number of criminal offences.

It is easy to see why Grand Theft Auto has become such a money-making machine. Even though the game’s missions themselves offer little freedom, it is perfectly possible to go on a rampage, play tennis, go dating, obey stop signs – everyone can get something different out of the experience.

Look past the funny side and there’s something poignant in there. What is it that lets the majority of people separate the virtual from the real? Scroll down for the ten-minute video.

Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V


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