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Watch the new Top Gear trailer

The BBC has released a teaser trailer for the revamped Top Gear car show, including footage of the McLaren 675LT, Matt LeBlanc in a Reliant Rialto and Chris Evans getting car sick.

The trailer for the latest season of Top Gear, which was released by the BBC, provides a 60-second glimpse of what to expect from the revamped car show set to air in May 2016.

Ignoring the fact Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are obviously nowhere to be seen, having ended their stint on the BBC 2 show last year, it looks like business as usual.

Matt LeBlanc can be seen sneezing on the back of a transporter while inside a Reliant Rialto, lead host Chris Evans is caught crawling out of an Audi R8 V10 Plus after being driven by Sabine Schmitz and a Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 makes use of Line Lock for some tyre-smoking stupidity.

It also teases showcases of the Dodge Viper ACR, Ferrari F12tdf, Ariel Nomad off-roader, Aston Martin Vulcan and the McLaren 675LT – all dreamworthy machines that laugh in the face of your Ford Focus.

Oddly, there’s no footage of new hosts Recombu Cars editor Rory Reid or supercar YouTuber and motoring journalist Chris Harris in action, which is a shame given the new six-host approach (seven if you include The Stig).

Even though this is the first real taste of the new show, Top Gear has received a lot of flak since Evans took the reigns from Clarkson. And the world is seemingly still unconvinced, as the trailer has received nearly 50,000 downvotes on YouTube, compared with 12,000 upvotes.

One YouTuber said: “Reported for misleading content.” Another added: “Dislike before watching.” One went as far to proclaim, “Top Gear is dead”.

Not everyone was quite so harsh, though. “I will probably still end up watching this even know I didn’t want to.. just because cars n challenges,” someone commented. Another chimed in: “This actually looks pretty good… Can’t know for sure until we try #amiright”

Evans always knew taking over from Clarkson was going to be akin to dancing on a knife edge, so no doubt he is hoping people will watch the show for cars like the Dodge Viper ACR and not the chemistry between Top Gear‘s most successful hosts.

Top Gear does, of course, have the fact just about anyone with a TV or internet connection can watch it in the UK without needing to pay anything (well, except the mandatory TV licence), whereas Clarkson’s unnamed Amazon show will require a monthly subscription.

Neither show’s success is certain, but petrolheads should give both shows a chance as two motoring shows are better than nothing. Keep on scrolling for the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

Video: New Top Gear series trailer


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