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Watch the Range Rover Evoque Convertible take on the big outdoors

Range Rover has released a video of the forthcoming Evoque Convertible going off-road as part of its final stage of testing before production.

Even though the Evoque Convertible is designed for swanning around in the sun, it takes off-road very seriously. Hence why it has Terrain Response and four-wheel drive so it can handle mother nature’s worst including snow, gravel, sand and mud.

There’s also Hill Descent Control for going down steep hills and a maximum wade depth of half a metre in case you end up having to cross a river. A wade sensor tells you just how deep the water is so there are no accidental Evoque bathtub moments.

Filming of the video took place at Range Rover’s Eastnor Castle estate in Hereford of the UK, where it routinely puts its cars through their paces to ensure they don’t fall apart the moment things get tough.

As you can see in the video, the Evoque Convertible is still wearing its prototype pattern disguise and so an official release is still yet to happen, which means we are unable to share things like a price or specs.

We do, however, know it will launch in November at the Lost Angeles International Auto Show and will go on sale from the Spring 2016 in the UK.

It is likely the Evoque Convertible will be powered by the Ingenium diesel seen in the Discovery Sport and will be more expensive and heavier than the standard Evoque because of the need to maintain rigidity lost by having no roof.

A roof-less Range Rover may seem crazy, especially an Evoque, but if you think about it there have been many open-air off-roaders over the years. Besides, British weather isn’t always that bad. No, really.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible video


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