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Watch the world’s worst back-seat driver in action

Back-seat drivers are the bane of all motorists, but count your blessings and thank your lucky stars you could have to drive with the mother of comedian and entertainer Josh Pray.

The 29-year-old from Immokalee in Florida posted a YouTube video of his mother commenting on just about every aspect of his driving, including complaining about how loud he plays his music, concentration levels and how he should listen to gospel music.

She then bangs on about stopping at Popeyes (fried chicken restaurant), freaks out when Pray picks his nose and than proceeds to rant at him for a considerable length of time upon reaching their destination. Somehow the passengers in the back are immune to her antics.

The smell of a PR stunt is unmistakable, but the mother seems too real to be an actor. In which case, we are surprised Pray even offers to drive her around.

Stunt or not, the video ‘Riding with My Momma’ is worth a watch – if only to make you feel considerably better about the back-seat drivers in your life. Just avoid reading the YouTube comments if you are easily offended.

Riding with My Momma


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