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Watch two 1,000hp Nissan 370 drifting machines tear up an abandoned mall

Forget shopping and watch a much more interesting Black Friday event involving two highly tuned Nissan 370 drift cars and an abandoned Mall.

The video released by ‘The Hoonigans’ takes place in Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Centre located on Hawthorne Boulevard in, erm, Hawthorne in Los Angeles. It opened in 1977, then the area took a kick in the nuts economically and it was eventually closed in 1999.

It has since been left abandoned but is a popular location for movies, having been used in the filming of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and more recently Gone Girl, a psychological thriller directed by David Fincher, to name a couple.

Professional drifters (the driving type, not the channel 4 comedy) Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck can be seen going sideways for pretty much the entire video, nudging very closely to a sizable drop to the ground below and blasting around the nearby roads at breathtaking speeds.

Drift videos are pretty popular these days but this is from The Hoonigans ─ a company setup by drift king Ken Block of Gymkhana fame. It’s also brilliantly shot and in one of the most eerie settings you can imagine, making it video gold. So, yeah, you should probably watch it.

In case you’re wondering why these 350zs sound a bit more throaty than usual, it’s because they apparently feature Nissan’s VK56 engine, which is a DOHC V8 capable of absurd power outputs. And sweet, sweet noise.

Even better is the fact Nissan has released a 360-degree video from within the car so you can watch some of the more insane stunts from any angle, which we have embedded below (you’re welcome).

As one YouTube used said: “Ken Block has competition.” Probably a fair point. Now watch the video and don’t try any of it at home. Unless, of course, you own a disused mall and a high-powered drift car.

Hoonigan Black Friday video


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