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When is the Tesla Model X coming out?

Fresh details of the Tesla Model X have emerged online, including confirmation of a dual motor powertrain setup and its ability to tow.

It is, however, still unclear when the Model X will actually reach customers. The Tesla website mentions ‘early 2016’ for those who reserve it now, but nothing about those who have already paid the £4,000 reservation payment.

The Model X will come in 60, 85 and 85kWh Performance versions, mirroring the current Model S. The dual motor powertrain will be standard, which means all-wheel drive and potentially as much as 691hp and a 0 to 62mph time somewhere around the 4-second mark.

Tesla’s Autopilot is also likely to feature, a system in recent Model S cars that adds a variety of new features including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and eventually self-driving.

The Model X sports utility vehicle was originally meant to go on sale in 2013 but has been involved in a series of delays. The sourcing of parts for the Falcon Wing doors that fold upwards to make it easier to access the third row of seats is said to be a part of the production delay.

All Model X allocations for 2015 have been filled in the US so expect to wait of at least a year to own one.

We have approached Tesla for comment on the production delays and Model X release date in the UK and US and will update the story accordingly.


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