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Where has the Lego Batman Tumbler been all our lives?

The time to raid your ‘rainy day’ piggy bank fund is now. Lego has revealed the Batman Tumbler Batmobile as part of its Ultimate Collectors Series range of toys.

The 76023 Lego Tumbler Batmobile is based on the vehicle from director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies. Assembly requires slotting together 1,869 pieces in the right order – or however many you can manage if you like to ignore the instructions.

You know you want one

Lego has really nailed the attention to detail. The 15-inch long and 9-inch wide bringer of death rolls on four chunky rubber tyres that take no prisoner. At the back are adjustable wings and topping it all off is a flame-throwing central exhaust – minus the flames, mind you. 

A Lego model of Batman and The Joker (played by the now deceased Heath Ledger), display base with facts about the Tumbler and an intricate interior comprised the controls and displays necessary to ‘drive’ it complete the set.

Expect to pay US$199 (£116) when the Lego Tumbler Batmobile goes on sale in September 2014. Lego VIPs can buy the kit from August 18th. If that seems steep, look at it like this. You are paying a mere 0.62 pence per piece. Pittance compared with the US$1million for a life-sized replica.

Adults and children who lack the asking price can go for the significantly less intricate, but still awesome Tumbler Chase set for £40, which includes the mental flying vehicle seen in the final film of the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

Previous lego kits from the Ultimate Collector Series include the 3,152-piece Star Wars Super Star Destroyer (£350) and 3,441-piece Death Star II (£250).

Non-Batman fans should check out the Lego Mini Cooper.

Lego Batman Tumbler Batmobile pictures


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