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Woman deliberately drives her VW Golf into the sea

A woman in her seventies, who was seemingly at her wits end with life, deliberately drove her Volkswagen Golf straight into the sea. 

The disillusioned elderly women sped past onlookers and drove down a ferry slipway into ice cold water, The Telegraph reports. Following the VW’s impact with the sea it was quickly swept up by the strong tide and carried roughly 100 yards out to sea. 

The car then began to sink as the woman sat motionless with the windows wide open. Witnesses called frantically to her but she appeared to be in her own world as their cries fell on deaf ears. 

Luckily a passing fishing boat pulled alongside and a heroic fishermen dived into the water and dragged her out. Immediately after this the Golf sunk completely.

The woman was then transported to Dorset’s extremely upmarket Sandbanks peninsula where she was rushed to hospital and treated for hypothermia.  

Witness Steve Chater-Lea told the Telegraph: “She drove past the ferry queue and accelerated down the ramp. It was definitely deliberate, you could tell from the way she revved the engine and the force with which she hit the water. 
“Both her windows were down and you could see her just sat there oblivious to people shouting out to her to get out. She made no movement or attempt to leave the car. 
“A fishing boat came alongside the car but she still wouldn’t get out and one of the crew dived in and pulled her out of the passenger side.” 

Shortly after the incident a barge mounted crane arrived to retrieve the sunken car. 


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