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Is this XO2 folding scooter the future of commuting?

X02 scooter from XO2 Motors has an impressively small footprint when folded up and costs pence to run.

Scooters are much smaller than cars, making them easier to park and weave in and out of busy traffic. They are, however, pretty big contraptions you would struggle to lift – let alone get in the car. In steps the X02 scooter, an electric foldable two-wheeler that folds away to nothing. Well, almost.

The 89kg X02 ‘Urban Transformer’ can be folded down in just 30 seconds, taking its footprint dimensions to 102cm long, 70cm tall and 42cm wide. Not exactly small enough to throw over your shoulder when using the train but it will fit on the boot of a car or a cupboard.

Power comes from a choice of two direct drive motors, an 8kw equivalent to a 125cc motorbike and a 4kw equivalent to a 50cc bike. The former has a top speed of 120kM/h (74mph) while the latter manages a much less impressive 45km/h (27mph). Only the 8kw is usable on public roads.

Charging the XO2’s lithium polymer battery can be done in just 90 minutes from your typical socket. A range of 87 miles is possible on the 8kW model, while the 4kW XO2 manages 47 miles.

The battery needs to be removed when folding the X02 down to size, which is a bit of an issue given its weight. In its defence, XO2 Motors was kind enough to give the battery wheels so it can be moved around like a suitcase (there is an extendable handle on the side).

Scooters are usually pretty basic, but the X02 does have a few extras up its sleeve including daytime running lights, LED lights, hyrdaulic brakes at the front and rear and a ‘rain’ mode for when the road is slippery. There’s also a boot to put your helmet in, reverse gear and a blue LED display for checking your speed and remaining battery life.

Running the X02 should be inexpensive as it costs pence to recharge. It helps there are very few moving parts to go wrong, which should make it cheap to maintain. The manufacturer does, however, say to regularly check for worn tyres and brake pads.

Reports say the 4kW will cost around £1,900 and the 8kW around £2,570. There are also rumours battery rental will cost £40 to £50 a month. Neither statement has been officially confirmed. We’ll find out when an official release date is announced.

Miniature scooters and personal mobility vehicles seem to be all the rage. We recently reported on the half-scooter, half-Segway Zero Scooter and before that the Toyota Winglet. Would you be seen on any of these vehicles?

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