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You can now spec carbon fibre alloys on the new Ford GT

The new Ford GT is already covered head to toe in carbon fibre but it seems there’s room for a bit more, as carbon fibre alloy wheels are now an option.

Ford says the optional carbon fibre alloy wheels, which debut on the new Ford GT, feature a ‘clear-coated, bare-carbon finish’ and are made from a fibre and resin compound that allows for a more intricate design.

Carbon Revolution and Ford created the 20-inch alloy wheels, which can be had in either a glossy clearcoat or matte finish, depending on how shiny you want them. Both finishes are said to match the carbon fibre found elsewhere on the car.

Each alloy wheels saves 1kg of unsprung weight compared with the standard forger aluminium alternatives, reducing interia by 25 per cent.

A single kilogram may seem like a small amount of weight saving (four bags of sugar is hardly heavy), but Ford claims it ‘reduces the suspension workload and improves consistent contact with the road surface, further improving traction and driver control’.

It also means less energy is required to accelerate or turn the wheels while noise, vibration and harshness is reduced, making the new Ford GT quieter.

Already you can slap carbon fibre wheels onto your Ford GT using Ford’s swanky configurator, but it is unclear how much extra you will have to pay for the privilege. And that’s before you factor in the cost if, heaven forbid, you kerb them.

The new Ford GT has a 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost engine that develops more than 600PS. By using a carbon fibre body and aluminium structure, the overall weight is kept to a minimum. Expect it to arrive in 2017, allegedly priced from £400,000.

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