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Your job title could be costing you a fortune in car insurance

We’ve always known a person’s job title can affect the price of their car insurance premium, but have you stopped to think just how much? has, and the results are quite staggering.

Expect to pay more if you have the word 'car' in your job title.
Expect to pay more if you have the word ‘car’ in your job title.

The insurance comparison firm suggests car salesmen pay more than 13 times than the average fully comprehensive car insurance cost of £736, that figure based on statistics obtained between March 2012 and March 2013.

The average annual premium for a car valeter was an eye-watering £4,817. In fact, and this is somewhat ironic, four of the most expensive average car insurance premiums in’s list applied to people with the word ‘car’ in their profession.

Window cleaners were quoted £4,607.12, professional footballers £4,038.10 and car dealers £2,883.85.
 The survey went on to look at occupations that had the lowest average annual premium. A bursar at a state school pays only £372.46 while a head of personnel and secretary PA only had to shell out £384.50 and £393.30, respectively.

It comes as no surprise to learn a police inspector trained in advanced driving should expect to pay just £402.86, coming fifth place in the lowest average annual premium list, while a principal officer of civil services pays £396.30.

Insurance premiums are calculated based on driver statistics and probabilities. Therefore changing your job title (or lying about it) may not result in a favourable outcome ─ and if an insurance company finds you lied, you may void your insurance and not get a payout if you’re involved in an accident.

“There are still distinguishing factors that can affect the cost of your car premium,” head of insurance Gemma Stanbury explained. “These factors include the type of car you drive, the area you live in, your age, your profession and your own driving history.

“However this does not mean that every Bursar, Secretary and Police Inspector will be able to get a cheap deal. Each driver will be quoted on their own data – but your profession can significantly affect your insurance cost,” she said.

Top five profeessions quoted the highest comprehensive car insurance premium

Occupation Average Annual Premium  
1 Car Salesman 9640.33
2 Car Valeter 4817.37
3 Window Cleaner 4607.12
4 Professional Footballer Apprentice 4038.1
5 Car Dealer 2883.85

Top five professions quoted the lowest comprehensive car insurance premium:

Occupation Average Annual Premium  
1 Bursar State School 372.46
2 Head of Personnel 384.5
3 Secretary PA 393.3
4 Principal Officer Civil Service 396.3
5 Police Inspector 302.86


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