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BT mimics Sky with 6 months free Infinity superfast broadband offer

BT is giving away its entry-level superfast broadband product Infinity 1 free for the first six months. 

While customers will still have to pay line rental – charged at £15.99/month until December 1, when it goes up by £1 – there’s no cost for broadband for the first third of the 18-month contract. 

BT Infinity 1 currently costs £15/month, meaning you’d save a total of £90 with this deal. 

BT currently bungs the Home Hub 5 wireless router in for free with Infinity 1
BT currently bungs the Home Hub 5 wireless router in for free with Infinity 1

David McDonald, director of broadband, TV & sport bundles for BT Consumer, said: “Consumers have been given another broadband boost with the launch of BT Infinity 1, free fibre optic for the first six months. 

“BT Infinity lets you do more of the things you like online, all at the same time as other people in your home. These deals not only offer a fabulous broadband experience but when combined with free BT Sport also offer amazing value.”

BT Infinity 1 is an FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service that provides top download and upload speeds of 38Mbps and 9Mbps and a monthly usage cap of 20GB.

A BT Home Hub 5 wireless router is included for free, save for a £6.95 delivery charge. There’s also a one-off £30 charge for activation.

BT Sport, which includes live coverage of Premier League football, is available to watch live online or through the BT Sport mobile apps for no extra cost. You can sign up for BT TV, which costs an extra £5/month minimum for the mandatory TV Essentials pack, which comes with channels including Discovery, Comedy Central and Fox. 

A free YouView set-top box, which gives you access to the regular digital terrestrial channels and streamlined access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 is also included. Until October 18, there’s no additional connection charge for BT TV.

If you want the BT Sport channels in HD, you’ll need to pay an extra £3/month.

Alternatively, if you want to get all of the Premier League games on TV, you can opt for either a BT TV service with a Vision+ box or go for Sky TV. Read our guide to getting all of the Premier League games on TV for more information. 

BT vs Sky: Which broadband offer is the better deal?

If live football’s not your thing and you’re just after broadband, then you might want to check out a similar recent offer from Sky.

Sky’s free broadband deal sees you only paying for line rental for the first six months of an 18 month contract. Like the BT offer, you get up to 38Mbps download speeds over an FTTC line. After that six months is up you’ll be paying £20/month for Sky Fibre Unlimited. 

While that’s £5/month more than the BT deal, Sky’s plan comes with no usage limits whereas BT Infinity 1 is capped at 20GB, with out of bundle charges priced at £5.30 for every 5GB you use. If you’re a heavy user or you live in a busy house you might want to consider Sky’s deal instead.

Sky’s deal also comes with free weekend calls to UK landlines thrown in. BT Infinity 1 doesn’t have any inclusive landline calls, so you’d have to pay additional charges.

Sky also charges a one-off £30 fee for activation and a £20 connection charge if you’ve not got a compatible line. Like BT, Sky also charges £6.95 for delivery of the Sky Hub wireless router.


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