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BT Sport solo sales pitch could make it costly to Sky customers

BT will sell its Sports channels directly to Sky customers this Summer instead of bundling them via Sky like ESPN – potentially making it an expensive addition.

Customers will be able to choose an HD or standard-definition subscription to the package of at least three BT Sport and ESPN channels, by calling BT direct.

There’s no deal confirmed for Virgin Media yet, according to the BT Sport website, but if one goes through, BT Sport will join a TV package because Virgin doesn’t allow direct sales by third-party channels.

BT Sport solo sales pitch could make it costly to Sky customers
BT Sport doesn’t have a hint of Sky about it

Read more about BT SportA notice on BT Sport’s website reads: “We are setting up channels on the Sky platform, so that Sky customers will be easily able to receive BT Sport in standard and high definition, by calling us. You therefore won’t buy the channel from Sky, but directly from BT.

“BT will sell BT Sport directly to customers. The channel will feature on the Sky TV guide, but you’ll have to call a number and speak directly to BT to get the channel.”

The independent sales pitch also means BT Sport will be available to anyone with a working Sky box and dish, even if they don’t have a Sky subscription.

However, it could cost Sky Sports subscribers dearly as Sky won’t be able to combine both packages together in a more attractive bundle as they do with ESPN.

BT has promised to make its sports channels – which will show Barclaycard Premier League, English FA Cup and Aviva Rugby Premiership games – available on YouView and Freeview as well as its own BT Vision service.


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