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BT summons Gandalf to act as the Speaking Clock for Red Nose Day

BT has hired Sir Ian McKellen to take over as the voice of the Speaking Clock in aid of Comic Relief. 

The award winning star perhaps best known as the grey wizard Gandalf from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies and Magneto from the X-Men flicks will be putting in a turn as the Speaking Clock from now until March 13. 

Check out our hands-on with Sky and Jaunt’s immersive Hobbit experienceDuring his time on the service BT will be donating 10p from each 38.9p/minute BT Residential call made to 123 to the Red Nose Day appeal. 

Tongue firmly in cheek, Sir Ian said: “Red Nose Day is a national institution and I’m delighted to be at last making my debut with Comic Relief. As for the Speaking Clock, I hope everyone will give me a call, if they have the time, so to speak.” 

A call to the Speaking Clock will set you back 38.9p a minute but it’s a small price to pay to help some of the neediest folk in the world out and hear McKellen’s dulcet tones down your earpiece.

We’re waiting ‘til knocking off time to give him a ring, in the hope that we’ll receive a terse “It’s five-thirty PM you fools!” but we aren’t getting our hopes up too much. 



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