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Fuel Broadband rolls out free 6 month deal: How cheap is that?

Fuel Broadband has launched a new money-saving deal that sees you getting an unlimited ADSL service for just the cost of line rental for 6 months. 

The budget ISP formerly known as Primus Saver will charge you £5/month after that 6 month introductory period, during which you’ll only pay £16.40/month for line rental. 

Fuel Broadband also don’t shape traffic at any time, meaning, in industry parlance, their unlimited services are ‘truly unlimited’.

Paying £16.40/month for half a year and then £21.40/month for the rest of the 12-month contract is a great deal. It beats BT’s entry-level unlimited ADSL deal hands down. But how cheap is that compared to other offers? 

We’ve put Fuel Broadband’s six months free offer up against TalkTalk’s SimplyBroadband deal and Direct Save’s £1.95/month offer. 

  Broadband Line Rental Line Rental Saver  Calls Connection, router & set-up fees Router delivery fees Initial Monthly Cost Standard Monthly Cost Contract Length
Fuel Unlimited Broadband Free/£5 £16.40 n/a Yes Free £7.95 £16.40 £21.40 12 months
BT Unlimited Broadband + Anytime Calls £15 £16.99 £183.48 (£15.29/month) Yes Free £6.95 £31.99 £31.99 12 months
TalkTalk Simply Broadband Free/£5 £16.70 £180.36 (£15.03/month) No £50 £6.75 £16.70 £21.70 18 months
Direct Save Broadband £1.95 £16.75 £132 (£11/month) Yes £24.95 £8.95 £18.70 £18.70 24 months

Related: Budget ISP Direct Save refreshes with fresh new websiteAs you can see, Fuel’s latest offer can’t beat Direct Save’s standard deal in terms of price, although that bigger connection fee could be a stumbling block if you’re on a seriously tight budget. 

You also don’t have the option of paying for a year’s line rental up front, although, again, depending on how deep your pockets are, that might not be an option anyway. 

The Direct Save contract is also 24 months long. If you’re renting and you’re not sure you’re going to be living at the same address in a year’s time, that two year commitment might be a deal breaker. In which case, Fuel’s current option is the smarter choice.

TalkTalk’s nearest equivalent deal is slightly more expensive and comes with a £50 connection fee. The plus side of going with TalkTalk is that it gives you the option to add TalkTalk TV and claim a free mobile SIM

If you’re strictly after a cheap broadband package then you need to weigh up the pros and cons of Fuel and Direct Save’s offers. 

Fuel Broadband’s offer ends on September 1, 2015 while BT’s current Unlimited Broadband + Anytime Calls deal is due to expire on May 8. 


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