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Gigabit broadband coming to thousands of West Yorkshire firms via CityFibre

Gigabit broadband provider CityFibre is bringing next-gen services to thousands of West Yorkshire businesses. 

The so-called ‘Kirklees CORE’ network will see firms in Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Batley able to order FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband from CityFibre delivering download and upload speeds of 1Gbps (1,000Mbps), head and shoulders above the average speeds available to UK homes. 

Like the company’s Peterborough scheme, CityFibre will let demand dictate the shape of its rollout. 

Gigabit broadband coming to thousands of West Yorkshire firms via CityFibre
Feeling the fibre of the fabric: CityFibre wants to bring gigabit broadband to Kirklees firms

Unlike the rollout in Peterborough it’s not yet known if Gigaclear plans to extend its services to residential customers once the business network has been completed. 

The company plans to start work by the end of the year and aims to start connecting the first businesses in March 2015. 

CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch said: “Building a gigabit fibre network in Kirklees represents a step-change as significant as the shift from dial-up to broadband. No longer reliant on the antiquated copper networks, Kirklees businesses will have the capacity to position themselves at the heart of the UK economy as the technological revolution continues to gather pace. 

“It’s crucial that as many businesses as possible can benefit and to ensure that, we urge you to register your interest.” 

While some businesses can order full fibre broadband from BT, the majority of business premises covered by BT’s £2.5 billion superfast upgrade and the Superfast West Yorkshire scheme will be able to order FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) services. 

This can deliver faster speeds than ADSL broadband, but it can’t come close to delivering gigabit speeds. Technologies like promise significantly faster download and upload speeds but currenly nothing approaching a gigabit both ways.  

While BT has demonstrated that it’s capable of delivering gigabit broadband, it’s not expected to launch such services for a while. 

Kirkless Council famously opted out of Superfast West Yorkshire, claiming that it didn’t represent good value for money. 

Today Councillor David Sheard, leader of Kirklees Council said: “We are dedicated to making Kirklees one of the best places in the UK to do business.

“We have unrivalled transport links, an extensive and highly skilled working population, and some fantastic places of education preparing the next generation. A crucial ingredient to our success is internet connectivity so we welcome CityFibre to Kirklees.” 

CityFibre has also set up full fibre networks in Bournemouth and York, where customers can get gigabit broadband at work and in the home. The fibre ISP is currently working on a trial with Sky and TalkTalk which will see selected customers able to enjoy download and upload speeds of 1,000Mbps. 


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