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Gigabit fibre broadband available to Bournemouth business thanks to CityFibre

Gigabit fibre broadband provider CityFibre has opened up its network in Bournemouth, letting businesses sign up for leased lines. 

CityFibre’s full FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) network can deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps. Residents can already sign up for 1Gbps broadband with local ISP Gigler, which uses the CityFibre network and now businesses can get a slice of the action too. 

Thanks to investment last yearbusinesses in York can already sign up for a leased line from CityFibre. This gives firms exclusive bandwidth not shared with others, meaning things like peak time traffic aren’t an issue. 

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Read Recombu Digtal’s guide to Gigler Rob Hamlin, head of business development at CityFibre says “Following its successful launch in York, we are delighted to extend our Internet Leased Line services to businesses in Bournemouth, to enable them to benefit from the most advanced connectivity available in the world.” 

“With this service, customers are able to employ more efficient working methods, such as cloud-computing, advanced teleconferencing, real-time communications and voice over IP (VoIP), and transfer huge files and data in seconds. These services transform workplaces, increasing employee efficiency and job satisfaction.”

Bournemouth, a city with a population of 183,500, missed out of being included in the government’s Urban Broadband Fund. Businesses could have applied for funding to install hyper-fast broadband from CityFibre’s leased line services which start at £450/month, but will instead have to stump up the cash themselves.  

Gigler will soon be launching business broadband packages of its own for smaller businesses that may not want a leased line. 

Greg Mesch, chief executive officer at CityFibre commented: “Bournemouth is a fantastic location for business and the launch of these services will enable the business community to thrive. The extension of our Gigler service ensures that businesses in Bournemouth, no matter their size, will have the opportunity to access Gigabit-speed services, which enable businesses to compete both now and in the future, against companies from all over the world.” 

Gigler’s services are currently available to over 21,000 Bournemouth homes, making CityFibre the biggest provider of full FTTP broadband in the UK. Given this local asset it seems like a strange decision to leave Bournemouth out of the Super Connected Cities loop. 

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