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Hive Black Friday buyers cash in with a £30 Amazon voucher

British Gas will bung you a free £30 Amazon voucher if you buy a Hive smart heating system on Black Friday. 

Hive-minded punters will have from until tomorrow to midnight on November 28 to claim their free voucher, which will help take the edge off the inevitable Christmas splurge. When you order Hive from you’ll be eligible for the free voucher.  

While you don’t get a discount on the Hive Active Heating system itself – you’ll have to pay the usual £199 price for the hardware and installation – British Gas says you’ll stand to make £150 back in the first year. 

Hive Black Friday buyers can cash in with a £30 Amazon voucher
Get free stuff: Save thirty quid on your Christmas spend with British Gas

Hive is one of the many smart heating systems available in the UK. Like Tado, Nest, Climote and Evohome, Hive lets you control the temperature of your house remotely. 

iOS and Android apps let you manually tweak the temperature so that everything is just right by the time you get home. 

The logic behind smart heating is that if you want your living room to be 20 degrees warm by the time you come home from work, Hive will start slowly warming your house up before you’re due to arrive at say, 7 o’clock. This more efficient use of energy will in theory reduce the amount of energy you use and therefore reduce the size of your heating bill. 

As well as putting control in your hands, Hive also uses geolocation technology to work out when you’re on your way home. This means if you forget to manually kick the temperature up a few notches as you head out of the door, your phone will tell Hive when you’re one mile away from home and start warming things up for you. 

Right now, all Hive lets you do is control the temperature of your home and the water in your boiler. It doesn’t let you set up heating zones (that’s coming in the future) nor does it let you pair Hive with other smart home devices (that’s coming in the future too). 

For a more detailed explanation of what you do and don’t get with Hive read our hands on review to see how we got on and check out our comparison piece to see how it measures up to rival smart heating systems. 


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