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Popcorn Time for Chromecast gets Android support, built in VPN coming soon

Popcorn Time’s Android app now lets you stream movies to your TV via Chromecast. 

The streaming service that’s been described as ‘Netflix for pirates’ can now be accessed on Android phones and tablets and casted to a TV screen near you.  

The latest version of Popcorn Time for Android also offers an easier to use interface, faster download rates of movies and TV shows plus bug fixes and support for greater range of devices.

'Yay! Stealing is FUN!' Moral quandaries aside, you have to admit that Popcorn Time's mascot is cute.
‘Yay! Stealing is FUN!’ Moral quandaries aside, you have to admit that Popcorn Time’s mascot is cute.

This follows the launch of an alpha version of Popcorn Time for Windows PCs last week. The PC version of Popcorn Time, which also lets you cast content to your TV, comes with a VPN built in, a feature which the developers want to bring to the Android app soon. 

The built in VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows Popcorn Time users to stream content anonymously, which is perhaps just as well as Popcorn Time allows you to easily scour torrent sites for the films and TV shows you want to watch, and not pay a penny for them. 

Rights holders will have a hard time blocking it, but you can be sure they’ll try to do it as well as try to find out who is using it. 

The beta version of Popcorn Time for Android is available to be installed now from the developer’s site. It’s not available on Google Play – the only thing called ‘Popcorn Time’ in Google’s app store is a poor-looking Flappy Bird clone. 

When installing apps from outside Google Play, remember to go into the settings and check the box marked ‘unknown sources’. 


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