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Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD TV for £4,000. Behold the 55-inch F9000

Samsung’s latest 4K Ultra HD TV in the F9000 series is the most wallet-friendly 4K telly from the Korean firm yet, priced at ‘just’ £4,000. 

Typically, we’re used to seeing 4K sets priced in the five figure range so this product could be described as something of a bargain. 

For your money you get a 55-inch smart TV that’s double the resolution (3840×2160) of a 1080p Full HD TV. While there isn’t any 4K TV content to enjoy just yet (although you never know…) the quad-core processor inside the F9000 sets promise to upscale standard definition and HD content.

Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD TV for £4,000. Behold the 55-inch F9000

​​Latest news for Super Hi-Vision and Ultra HD, 4K and 8KSamsung promises that this will minimise noise when upscaling and make SD and HD content look as close to 4K as you can get. 

While current-gen resolution content is considered, Samsung also says that the F9000 TVs will be Future Ready for Ultra HD TV as well. Thanks to Smart Evolution, a process whereby you can trick out your Samsung TV with new components, Samsung says your F9000 TV can be upgraded so that it will work with 4K standards and enhancements.

Samsung’s voice activated S Recommendation technology comes built in you’re keen on talking to your smart TV a la Xbox Kinect. You also get 70W built in speakers combined with DTS Premium Sound 5.1 capability, creating a simulated surround sound effect.

Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD TV for £4,000. Behold the 55-inch F9000

There’s no further spec available on the TV sets so far, should you want to find out what external audio equipment you can hook up.  There’s also no word on where you’ll be able to get the new F9000 TVs from yet. Samsung has only mentioned ‘specialist retailers’ so far.

For those who’ve got a bit more breathing space in their living rooms, there is also a 65-inch edition of the same 4K set priced at a slightly more princely £6,000. 


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