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Sonos Playbase: Release date, UK cost and everything else you need to know

The Sonos Playbase is said to be the answer to poor sound quality pumped out by standard television speakers. Here is what you need to know, including the UK cost, release date and all the specs.

The Sonos Playbase has arrived and that means yet another solution to the problem that is the poor sound quality you get from most (but not all) televisions. We decided to give it further investigation ahead of our full Recombu verdict.

Sonos Playbase: What is it?

It is a base upon which your television sits, enabling it to enhance your viewing experience by playing sound of a better quality. Sonos says 70 per cent of televisions are never mounted on a wall, hence why we have the 58mm tall Playbase.

The Sonos Playbase features 10 drivers and on top is an ultra-flat area to ensure your television remains in place, as opposed to in bits on the floor. Meanwhile an accoustic grill with 43,000 holes is designed to let the noise flow with minimal physical impediment.

Colour options are a matte white and a matte black and it plays nice with other Sonos speakers you may or may not have, allowing you to build up a serious home theatre setup, as well as the Sonos app. Televisions up to 35kg are supported.

Sonos Playbase: What about sound quality?

Sonos makes some pleasingly competent speakers so we expect the Playbase to be similarly nice to listen to. It offers a 3.1 array so it will add directional input to your movies. An optical connection is used to hook up your devices – yeah, no HDMI stuff here for the sake of simplicity.

To be specific, it has six mid-range drivers for the mids, three tweeters for the treble and highs and one woofer for helping bring out the boomy, bassy lows. All drivers are custom made and feature dedicated amplifiers to drive them.

Sonos Playbase: What about the cost?

£699 is the Sonos Playbase UK price, making it the same price as the Sonos Playbar, which sits in front of your television or below it if you favour a wall-mounted setup.

Sonos Playbase: Where can I buy it from?

You can purchase the Sonos Playbase from Amazon UK (in white or black) or from the official Sonos website. Existing owners were given the opportunity to buy the Sonos Playbase before it went on sale, which is a nice touch.

Sonos Playbase: When is the release date?

The Sonos Playbase release date is the 4th of April, 2017, which means you can buy it right now if you crave a simplistic, all-in-one solution to making your films and music sound better.


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