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Vodafone TV launching in the UK ‘later in 2016’

Vodafone will launch its promised TV service later in 2016, according to CEO Vittorio Colao. 

Details of Vodafone’s TV platform are still thin on the ground; the long-awaited TV service was expected to arrive last year, alongside fixed-line broadband and landline calls.

Vodafone TV launched in Ireland last month and its hardware (pictured) offers similar features to EE TV; free to air digital terrestrial TV, seven day catch-up, live restart and wireless multiroom, which lets you watch live TV and recordings on a tablet. 

Vodafone TV in Ireland also arrived with Netflix in tow, although again it’s not confirmed that its UK counterpart will feature the ubiquitous streaming service. 

Give that Netflix is available on subscription-free TV platforms like Freesat’s Freetime and YouView (not including boxes sold with BT TV and TalkTalk TV packages) Vodafone TV may need to offer something else in order to stand out from the pack. 

Long-running partnerships with Sky, which sees 4G mobile customers able to get up to two years’ worth of free Now TV Entertainment passes, have fuelled rumours that Vodafone’s TV offering will feature Sky channels, but nothing’s been confirmed by either party.  


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