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Will VLC 3.0 support Chromecast on iOS?

Chromecast support for VLC looks set to be built in to an upcoming release – and could soon be heading to an iPhone near you. 

An eagle-eyed enthusiast at Android France spotted an addition to the upcoming VLC 3.0.0. release which clearly shows a “Chromecast Output Module” has been included. This follows recent news that a VLC app has reappeared in Apple’s App Store. 

Sadly for newcomers, VLC for iOS isn’t available on general release yet. Users who downloaded the app before it was removed in September 2014 will be able to re-download it; everyone else will just have to be patient. 

It actually wasn’t the first time VLC for iOS had been yanked either – licencing squabbles have seen the app pulled from sale before

Anyone who spends any time watching media knows that VLC is the go-to app for viewing just about any type of content going. If you’ve been having trouble casting local files to your TV, this could be the droid you’re looking for. 

There’s no official word on how it’ll take before VLC for iOS is released to all, though the company has reportedly hinted that there may be some iOS-related news soon. 

If you’re an Android user, things are a little bit brighter however. VLC is available in the Google Play Store now.

Last June, the smart folks behind the player announced their intention to add support for Chromecast. Things went a little bit quiet after that announcement, but now it seems they hadn’t just downed tools it seems.




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