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Build your own BMW M 1000 RR champion motorbike with this loving LEGO replica

If you want to construct your own model BMW M 1000 RR motorbike, then look no further; LEGO has got you covered with this fantastically detailed kit.

The BMW M motorbikes are not only brilliant performers on the track, they’re also beautiful machines in their own right, so it’s a good opportunity to adorn your home office or living room with one in miniature since LEGO has just released an exacting replica of the BMW M 1000 RR.


Image Credit: LEGO

Made from 1,920 individual elements and recommended to those of 18 years and over, this set will undoubtedly be a tricky construction project but it is sure to be very rewarding too.

The completed model boasts a “fully functional” three-speed gearbox, front and rear suspension, front steering, a gold chain, three different screen dashboard options and a printed windshield. For display purposes, the kit also includes a racing stand and display plate.

Samuel Tacchi, designer at the LEGO Group, commented upon the launch: “It’s been so much fun getting underneath the skin of such a significant model for BMW Motorrad. There’s a reason why these beautifully engineered bikes are so universally loved by the biking community, and we are confident our LEGO Technic version is a winner like its real-life namesake. The set has a truly authentic design, features functional yet intricate working parts, provides a challenging build and is visually stunning. It’s also the largest ever LEGO Technic bike set and we know the building experience will be just as addictive as the adrenaline rush from taking the real thing out on the track.”

Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Brand and Product at BMW Motorrad, stated that the pay-off from the respective design departments of their companies “is both a motorbike and a Technic model that are state-of-the-art within their respective fields.”

The LEGO M 1000 RR set goes on sale in physical LEGO stores and at the online LEGO BMW store on 1 January 2022, and other retailers from 1 March 2022 for the recommended retail price of £174.99 / €199.99 / $229.99.


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