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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

Samsung has pulled out all the stops to bring you their very best — so is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra worth the eye-watering price?

What we love – Excellent screen, versatile camera, and an attractive design

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is truly brilliant, as it now allows you to run the highest resolution (WQHD+) along with the highest refresh rate (120Hz). Measuring 6.8 inches diagonally, it boasts 1500 nits of brightness and makes a brilliant impression, especially when watching HDR content.

The camera system boasts four distinct lenses and a whole lot of megapixels, but that’s not all just for show – these snappers really do deliver the goods, giving sharp, detailed images that offer a range of customisation and unrivalled versatility depending on what most appeals to your tastes. Videos are just as impressive as still images, and you can even shoot 8K footage with this device.

The design has been improved from the last generation and looks very swish, although the curved screen will still prove to be divisive among audiences, and there’s a lot of power packed in thanks to the top of the line chipset (Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 depending on the country of sale).

What we don’t like – Expensive and cumbersome

If you want the very best then you’ll have to pay for it, and there are no punches pulled with the S21 Ultra’s price. Whereas its little brother, the Samsung Galaxy S21, has cut a few corners in order to lower its cost, this device has doubled down, going on sale at a starting price of £1149.

It’s not just the price tag that’s big; the phone itself is very large (weighing in at 228g) and actually quite difficult to manage with just one hand. Now that size does have its upsides, such as an enduring battery that will last you through an intensive day of use, but it’s not so simply if you want to slide it into a small pocket.


This phone throws together absolutely everything Samsung has to offer, without any compromises. That’s a good thing when it comes to the sublime screen and the ultra-versatile camera, but it does mean that its a heavy handset with an off-putting price. Go ahead and buy this phone if you’re going to push it to the limits of its impressive capabilities, but have a quick think about whether you and your wallet could be better served by something a little more modest.


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