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Cyberlink PhotoDirector app review

PhotoDirector by CyberLink is a new and easy to use photo editing app for iOS. It enables users to enhance their snaps tenfold in literally a matter of seconds, with an array of filters and effects available at the click of a few buttons.

The main features include smart object removal, HDR and preset effects, a skin smoother and instant sharing with various social networks, but is it worth downloading?  

Basic photo editing

PhotoDirector comes with a a couple of  of basic tools with which to tweak your photos. The crop tool lets you recompose your photo after you’ve taken it, while the rotation tool lets you spin the image 90 degrees with each tap of a button. Sadly it’s not possible to rotate the image arbitrarily by a specific degree of your own choosing, which could prove annoying if you’ve taken a slightly wonky snap. 

Smart Object Removal  

The smart object removal feature is ideal for pesky photo bombers or random objects that you would’ve preferred not to be in the picture. Using this feature is very straight forward. After selecting the removal option you just use your finger to highlight the part of the photo you would like eradicated.

Following that you click apply and then the unwanted part of the photo will be gone in a matter of seconds.   
The only pitfall of this particular feature is that it only really works for smaller objects or people in the photo’s peripheral. Using it on a larger object is not so successful as it has a tendency to blur the area, leaving behind a slightly weird residue.

HDR and Preset Effects  

The HDR and preset effects on this app are in our view the best feature of this app. The unique filters and the ability to seriously enhance the lighting in your photos can make the most average of photos look superb.   

There are dozens of preset image filters to choose from and the possibility to customise them by altering the tone, saturation, white balance or adding additional HDR strength. All of this is easy to carry out thanks to a clean, simple user interface. We are certain that after testing them all out you will be producing awe-inspiring photography in no time.  

Skin Smoother  

The Skin Smoother is a handy addition to this fun app, proving useful in a number of cases. For example, if you’ve taken a drunken selfie and your make up was smudged due to the nights shenanigans, spoiling an otherwise great photograph – you could edit the blemish with ease and then feel confident posting the picture on social media.  

Like all the other functions on PhotoDirector this one is simple to access. At the bottom of your photo there should be an option saying skin tool, select this and then touch up which part of the photo you would like to improve. Rest assured the results will impress you.  

Instant Sharing  

Photos edited using this piece of software can be shared with all prominent social media networks. Directly beneath that the photo is a caption that reads ‘more output options’ followed by a list of all the prominent photo sharing Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. You simply select the network on which you’d like to upload your picture and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Upgrading to Premium Version  

The free edtition of PhotoDirector is pretty decent, but has certain restrictions; you can only use the removal function five times a day and you can only save relatively low-resolution versions of your pictures. Upgrading ot the full version gets you unlimited use of the object removal function, as well as zero ads and better image quality when viewing, saving and sharing photos. We think £2.99 is a pretty small price to pay considering what’s on offer. 


This app is easy to operate. The functions can be great fun and allow you to produce sublime images in a matter of seconds. The only problem is you might actually become so spoilt for choice, producing multiple edits of the same picture because you can’t decide which filter or lighting setting you like best. Downloading the free version is a no-brainer. As for the premium edition, we’d suggest testing the app for a day or so before making a decision; either way, we think you won’t be disappointed. 


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