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Everything we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S21

According to the latest rumours and gossip, here are the features that we can expect to see from Samsung’s next flagship. What are you most looking forward to?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will launch in just a few days’ time – January 14 to be specific, which is a lot earlier than usual. Will Samsung once again set the standard for Android flagships in the year to come?

Here are the rumours we’re aware of so far so that you can prepare yourself for the upcoming launch event.

For starters, we’re expecting a boost to the processor. In the North American market this will take the form of the Snapdragon 888, but in the UK and Europe we’re likely to see a new iteration of Samsung’s own tech, probably called the Exynos 2100. This will improve performance even beyond the heights achieved by the Galaxy S20.

On top of that, sources have indicated that the display will also be able to run at the maximum refresh rate (120Hz) and the maximum resolution (allegedly WQHD+) at the same time, allowing for an unparalleled immersive experience.

The above rumour indicates that the battery will also be upgraded to ensure greater longevity and perhaps faster charging speeds to boot, since running such a demanding display would otherwise drain the battery very quickly.

The cameras are also expected to be improved, with the following configurations hotly tipped to be leading the line:

  • Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus: 64MP+12MP+12MP
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: 108MP+12MP+10MP+10MP

They’re impressive numbers, but you can only really judge a camera performance by its real-life results – though the S20 certainly impressed us, finally able to compete with the iPhone for picture quality.

Finally – the thing you’ll first notice when taking it out of the box – how will the S21 look? Well according to the marketing materials we’ve seen so far, the camera module is set for an upgrade that makes it look very swish, while we’ve also heard rumours that, with the Note range being retired, the Ultra version will support an S-Pen stylus for those of you wanting the full phablet experience.

The above video neatly summarises some of the big visual changes we’ve seen over the years from the Galaxy S series. But for this new handset to distinguish itself from its forerunners, in which area does it most need to excel? Give us your opinion in the poll below:



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