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Gravity Island tips and tricks guide (iOS)

Wrap your melon around Gravity Island, a gravity-flipping puzzle platform game for iPhone and iPad, with our tips and tricks guide.

We’re currently hideously addicted to Gravity Island, a cute little puzzle platformer for iOS that sees you switching the direction of gravity to guide our hero Shiro to the exit of each level. And while the first world is basically a tutorial, offering a very chilled selection of levels, the challenge curve blasts skywards come the ice world. Here’s our quick selection of tips and tricks to find all of the lumies and get a perfect score.

  • First of all, you can take your time in Gravity Island. Although there’s a timer in each level, this doesn’t affect your final star rating. All you need to do to get a perfect 3-star rating is find all three lumies, even if it takes you all damn day.
  • There are exactly three lumies in every level, so at least you know when you’ve found them all and can make a beeline for the exit. But don’t worry too much if you’re struggling to collect them; you can actually complete a level without finding any of them.
  • While the first world can be breezed through quite easily, you’ll need to take your time and do a little more planning once you hit the ice world. Levels are suddenly much larger and a lot more complex, and there’s often only one way to bag each lumie (although they can usually be grabbed in any order).
  • We recommend exploring each level as fully as possible, keeping an eye out on all areas of the screen to find those more elusive lumies. Quite often you’ll catch a glimpse of one in a corner of the display and then it’s a case of patiently figuring out the path you need to take to grab it.
  • Pay attention to your little fairy assistant, who will buzz over to any nearby lumies and hover around them. This is particularly useful in world two, where the lumies often blend in with the icy backdrops.
  • On a lot of levels, you’ll likely find yourself at the exit with no way to backtrack to grab any remaining lumies. Don’t be afraid to restart a level immediately and search any unexplored areas to find those hidden lumies, before retracing your steps to the exit. It’s much easier to re-attempt a level while the layout is fresh in your mind, rather than coming back later to try again.
  • Approach the bumpers with caution! While they’re often essential for reaching distant platforms, they will occasionally blast you straight into a wall of spikes. ‘Look before you leap’ is a very relevant piece of advice here.


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