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iOS 4.3 details revealed: Find My Friends, FaceTime effects, AirPlay upgrades and iPad multi-touch

The beta of iOS 4.3 has been released to developers, and details of what it’ll bring to iPhones have started to emerge.

As well as Wi-Fi tethering, it looks like something called ‘Find My Friends’ is part of the new version of the firmware. It sounds like an Apple version of Google Latitude – which uses a phone’s GPS to locate your friends – is in the works to us.

A host of new FaceTime effects are also included. So those of you who actually do do video calls can have fun with effects like Thermal Camera, X-Ray and Kaleidoscope. AirPlay is now leased out to third-party app devs. Previously, AirPlay let you stream video to your TV, but only from first-party Apple apps.

iPads running on iOS 4.3 will benefit from improvements too. As well as supporting four and five-finger gestures (ideal for Google Maps 5.0) you’ll be able to swipe upwards from the homescreen to show the multi-tasking bar and swipe left and right between apps. This should make for a more intuitive experience on the larger screen.

Source: Mac Rumours, Ubergizmo


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