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New iPad 3: Is it revolutionary? (video)

After much rumour and speculation online, the new Apple iPad is here is. It’s described by Apple as ‘resolutionary’ due to its amazing screen. Questionable descriptive lines aside, the new Apple iPad includes easily the best screen we’ve seen on a tablet. But is the new iPad 3 revolutionary? 

This is the third generation of tablet from Apple, following the original iPad and the Apple iPad 2. But how has the tablet evolved in its relatively short life – especially as the tablet market is getting more crowded with new Android, Amazon and BlackBerry releases biting at Apple’s heels?

Apple has made a number of improvements to the new iPad, there’s a dual-core chip with quad-core graphics, a 10-hour battery and best of all Apple’s boosted the resolution of the camera for still photographs and movies. To find out more read our in-depth new iPad 3 review.

Has each incarnation of the iPad got better and better, so the new iPad is revolutionary? Check out the video below to find out. Let us know via Facebook and Twitter what you think of the new iPad. Will you be buying one? Or will you be sticking with your iPad 2?


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