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Nokia touts its Where Platform to map developers

Nokia has built a location system called the Where Platform and wants developers to use it to incorporate Nokia Maps information into their work.

The Where Platform uses a set of APIs to help developers add a map to their projects, even if that project is not specifically based on a Nokia device. 

Nokia outlined the platform’s capabilities at the Where 2012 conference in San Francisco, a trade show that brings together developers and companies using location-based technology.

According to the official Nokia Conversations blog, Yelp, Yahoo! and Groupon are a few organisations currently using the Where Platform.

Developers can find more details and guides at the official Nokia Maps developer portal.

The Nokia stand also showed off other services within Nokia Maps, including heat maps – a visual way of seeing what’s cool and what’s hot in over 340 cities around the world – and a new beta version of Nokia Maps 3D.

Using an old-school pair of red and green glasses allows the maps to really come alive.  


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