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Nokia EOS to arrive July 11th with 41-megapixel sensor

Oh Nokia conversations, how you love to tease! With the latest blog post over at the official Nokia blog titled “41 million reasons to zoom in to Nokia Conversations on July 11th”, we can only jump to one conclusion. 

The upcoming Nokia Lumia Pureview handset, dubbed the EOS will almost certainly feature Nokia’s 41-megapixel sensor, akin to that found on the Nokia 808 PureView, making it the first Windows Phone device with this mind blowing camera technology.

With the announcement expected to take place in New York on the 11th July, numerous leaks of late have pegged the elusive EOS as sporting a Lumia 920 look and feel, with the addition of a striking, round camera mount.

Expected to pair the high resolution sensor with optical image stabilisation and a Xenon flash, it’s the handset photography enthusiasts have been holding out for since the original PureView landed running the ill-fated Symbian OS.

Using the word “zoom” in the title of the blog post, Nokia Conversations explicitly alludes to the lossless digital zoom the first Nokia 808 PureView became famous for. Thanks to the high pixel count, when taking a 5-megapixel image, the device should offer up to three times zoom before image quality starts to degrade substantially.

If you don’t use the camera phone’s zoom though, the EOS’s expected 41-megapixel sensor should still deliver class leading images if it’s anything like the 808 of old. Why? Because of the way it uses all those megapixels:

Rather than produce a gigantic 41-megapixel shot, the pixels join together to create a super pixel. This in turn kills noise and refines the image. To read more about the science behind this incredible camera tech, jump back in time to our explanation of the Nokia 808 PureView or check out our explanation below at 05:29:

With Nokia already on the top spot in terms of mobile camera tech at mid-range and flagship levels, it’s looking like the ailing Finnish manufacutrer is well and truly finding its niche in the market.

Keep all eyes on on July 11th where we’ll be bringing you the very latest from New York, and if you have any questions about PureViews, new or old, fire us a comment below.


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