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The OnePlus Two, sequel to this year’s mysterious five-star mobile, leaks

We’re big fans of the elusive OnePlus One smartphone, so news that the OnePlus Two is already in the works – and could be with us sooner than you’d expect – is very sweet indeed. But it’s not the hardware that needs to significantly change for the sequel…

Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus really impressed us this year by coming out of nowhere with its five-star One mobile, even if the handset was a nightmare to obtain thanks to its invite-only retail setup. Now OnePlus could have a sequel smartphone on offer as soon as early next year, if the rumours flying around are to be believed.

Despite the fact that the notoriously hard-to-find OnePlus One is only five months old, a source has confirmed that the company is already hard at work on the OnePlus Two (or OnePlus One second-generation) and that there will be “surprises in store when it comes to hardware,” though there was no mention of what they might be.

It’s no great surprise that a second device is on its way, after company director Carl Pei more or less confirmed as much on a Reddit thread back in September. However, according to a person on the inside, there’s a lot to be excited about, including increased customisation options. The device is also expected to maintain its sub-$500 price point, irrespective of upgrades.

Perhaps most excitingly of all, OnePlus has plans to manufacture significantly more units this time, offering more people the chance to get their hands on one of the devices.

The OnePlus One was, despite being one of the lowest-priced, high-performance Android devices to hit the market, frustratingly difficult to obtain. At first it was invite only, then OnePlus generously opened up pre-ordering in selected countries for an entire hour. Devoted smartphone enthusiasts also had the chance to bag one for just $1 by smashing their own phone on camera.

So, if OnePlus needs to change anything ahead of the second phone’s outing, it’s the way people can get their hands on it. 

We’re glad to hear that OnePlus is making strides with new devices, and we’re holding out hope that this second device, with a rumoured 4K display and quad-core processor, will be as good as the first.


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