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Samsung will launch special NFC phone for Olympics 2012

Samsung has announced that they’ll make a special NFC-enabled phone for the London Olympics 2012.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is the same stuff found in Oyster cards, which can transmit data in a short range, and can act like a ticket, payment card or even room key.

Samsung have teamed up with Visa to setup the special edition phone which, by 2012, can be used pay for things at over 60,000 locations around London.

No noises yet on the phone’s specifications, but the phone would be given to athletes sponsored by Visa and Samsung sponsored athletes, but will also see a general release. Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S II will also have NFC capability, while the Google Nexus S, which was made by Samsung, was the first mainstream phone to have NFC.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t follow the design path of the Royal Wedding Edition phone.

Source: Telegraph


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