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WSJ: Google’s smartwatch ‘is in late-stage development’

Above: LG’s early attempt at a smartwatch, the GD910

The Wall Street Journal has corroborated details of Google’s smartwatch first outlined by 9to5Mac earlier this month. According to the publication, Google will be placing a particular emphasis on Google Now, with the company’s supposed watch alerting wearers to information as they need it.

Google is also apparently working to keep power consumption down on its watch, a particular problem with devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s SmartWatch 2. 9to5Mac believes that Google will use Bluetooth 4.0 to solve part of the problem, but it’s unclear what other tricks the company could use to avoid constant charging.

Development of the watch is reportedly in the late-stages, and Google is already said to be talking to suppliers about production. If everything goes to plan, then mass production could begin within the next few months.


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