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YouTube launches movie rentals in the UK: Rent movies for 48 hours from £2.49 a pop

Looks like the days of typing ‘[insert movie title here] Part 1 Full Movie’ into YouTube and hoping for the best may soon be over.

YouTube has just launched its movie rental service in the UK, allowing you to rent titles including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Breakfast Club and Children of Men.

Titles are priced at £2.49 – £3.49 and can be rented for 30 days, with a 48 hour viewing window.

So in other words, you’ve got a month to watch a movie once you’ve paid your money and two days to watch it by once you break the seal, so to speak.

Head over to now and sign into YouTube to check the service out. You’ll need a Google Checkout account in order to rent titles and once you’re set up, you should be able to watch films from any desktop computer, Honeycomb tablet or selected Android phones, according to TechCrunch.

We’ll be giving this a go over the weekend; we very much like the prospect of being able to start watching a movie during the slow hours on a Friday afternoon at work, being able to carry on where you left off on the train with your phone/tablet, before finishing up when you get home.

Source: YouTube via TechCrunch


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