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Aston Martin Lagonda: Beauty or beast?

Images of the production Aston Martin Lagonda have been revealed – and we’re unsure whether to laugh or cry. The ultra-luxury ‘super saloon’ is rather stunning from a few select angles, really awkward from others.

The Aston Martin trademark front end is present and correct. Things start to go wrong when you look at the sheer length of the vehicle and its awkward proportions. Somehow there’s a whiff of Cadillac, Chrysler and Ford rolled into one, which is odd for the best of British.

Interior inspiration comes from the Rapide S. Expensive leather and stylish detailing, including the quilted seat headrests, add that luxury touch. Such is the size of the car, legroom is seemingly plentiful – even if a hefty transmission tunnel runs down the middle.

Although no details of the engine have been released, we can hazard a guess a 6.0-litre V12 is likely. That and a lightweight aluminium architecture should make it a very potent performer – in a straight line, at least.

Aston Martin will sell the Lagonda in the Middle East for a probably insane amount of money. Think around half a million American dollars. This is for someone who owns an oil feed, not works at one, after all.

This is not the first Aston Martin Lagonda. The previous model surfaced in October of 1976. It took a week to build each car hence why first deliveries began three years later. A long wheelbase version, known as the Tickford Limousine, arrived in 1984.

Does the Lagonda float your boat, or sink your ship? Check the gallery below and spill the beans.

Aston Martin Legonda pictures


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