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Watch the new BMW 5 Series in ‘The Escape’ YouTube film

After a long hiatus, BMW is back making films for YouTube. The first video is called ‘The Escape’ and features the new 5 Series versus a helicopter.

Okay, technically BMW has made a fair few videos since producing The Hire for YouTube back in 2001, including that rather cool (but fake) one of the M2 drifting on an aircraft carrier.

But like The Hire, which featured seriously impressive line-ups including Guy Ritchie and Tony Scott as directors and starred Gary Oldman, James Brown and Madonna and the mighty M5, The Escape goes beyond advert territory and into movie land.

The Escape, directed by David Carter and Neill Blomkamp (of District 9 and Elysium fame), features Clive Owen as a wheelman who is paid to take some ‘merchandise’ (a creepy girl who likes word origins) out of a building surrounded by the FBI.

For some reason the driver seems concerned about the welfare of the girl and decides on a change of plan, angering the heavily armed people who paid him to do the job. A big chase ensues, the new 5 Series (the 540i to be specific, not the M550i) gets a few bullet holes and then there is a reunion on a ship.

Yeah, not sure what the hell is going either but obviously it is setting the scene for follow-up episodes and yet more BMW action. Maybe even the reveal of the Z5, seeing as the Z4 featured heavily in the old videos…

Video – BMW Films: The Escape


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