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Joker jumps around on someone else’s £250,000 McLaren

A businessman went ballistic after a random passer-by jumped on the bonnet of his McLaren 12C Spider.

Would you hop on top of someone else’s car? Especially if that car was worth £250,000? We certainly wouldn’t,  but one man with a weird sense of humour posted an update on Facebook claiming to have done exactly that to a businessman’s McLaren 12C Spider.

Prankster jumps on a businessman's £250,000 supercar and posts pictures to Facebook
Prankster jumps on a businessman’s £250,000 supercar and posts pictures to Facebook

Kane Reynolds posted a status on his Facebook page reading ‘Thought I had to take the p*ss seen this lush mclarun though I’d jump on the bonet innit f*ck it why not mwhahaha.’ Below the status Reynolds, who obviously struggles with punctuation and grammar, was pictured standing, tongue out, on the three-month old supercar.

The owner of the McLaren 12C had parked the car on double yellow lines in front of a restaurant so he could keep an eye on the vehicle while he purchased food. Despite seeing a crowd around the supercar, the man didn’t think there was anything untoward happening. That was until a friend forwarded Facebook photographs of the prankster on the bonnet of his car.

Reynolds has since deleted his Facebook account, but the McLaren enthusiast said “I’m waiting to identify the bloke so I can send him a nasty solicitor’s letter.”

Though the damage to the car seems to be insignificant, the car is due to be polished so the footprints can be cleaned off and the state of the car assessed more closely.

Of his decision to park illegally, the owner added “Yes, I parked on double yellow lines, but it’s cheaper than the damage if you park in a car park.”


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