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Learner arrested halfway through lesson for being drunk

23-year-old learner driver pulled over during a lesson is arrested for being drunk.

A young woman was arrested by police for being caught drunk mid-way through a driving lesson, it has been reported. 23-year-old waitress Louise Ditchfield was spotted swerving all over the road by other motorists.

Ditchfield had decided to phone her instructor to arrange a driving lesson at close to midnight. During the two hour lesson the instructor had to grab the steering wheel of her L-plated Seat to avoid a crash with another car.

At this point the car she narrowly missed tried to stop the drunk motorist in her tracks but failed and Ditchfield drove off. When the police caught up they found the instructor had taken the wheel from the young lady, who was wearing red pyjamas. 

Police found she was more than twice the legal drink-drive limit of 35mg per 100ml of breath. Ditchfield claimed the last time she had an alcoholic drink was more than 24 hours ago.

In court Blackpool magistrates heard the driving had been arranged “because she was bored”. A 12-month driving ban was given.

“I thought the alcohol would have gone. It was a big mistake. I am sorry,” Ditchfield told the court.


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