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Razor Crazy Kart XL is a drifting machine for adults

Back in July 2014, Razor released a Go-Kart with a difference. It featured a single steerable wheel, allowing riders to perform gnarly drifts and turns without burning through tyres. It was, however, just for children – until now.

The Crazy Cart XL, complete with its larger, more robust frame, more powerful battery, 500-watt electric motor and a bigger seat, lets adults be more comfortable while taking the drift machine for a spin.

The previous edition actually had the strength to support adults, but their extra weight meant the top speed was drastically slower. As a result, the enjoyment factor for one of these badboys was seriously reduced.

Riders up to 300 pounds in weight are supported – a huge improvement from the previous limit of 140lbs – and the top speed is roughly 17 miles per hour. The drift bar, which lifts the cart’s central wheel, has also been improved to allow drivers to perform even wilder slides.

The downside is Razor only plans to make a mere 1,600 Crazy Cart XLs and they will set you back US$800. That’s double the amount of the original $400 Crazy Cart, but after watching the video this seems fair because it probably works out as double the fun.

It’s set to be released in December and will be available on their website as well as Would you be happy if the Crazy Cart XL was beneath your Christmas tree this year?

Razor Crazy Cart XL video


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