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Police impersonator busted for arresting real policeman

A man pretending to be a police officer has recently admitted to pulling over a genuine police officer for speeding, Newport Magistrates’ court has heard. 

In an audacious fit of stupidity, Johnathan Weekes of Tredegar hired a Vauxhall insignia, fitted it with blue flashing lights and patrolled the streets looking for ‘criminals’. 

However, his bizarre game was soon up after he stopped a uniformed police officer driving an unmarked car for ‘speeding’ near the Welsh city of Newport. He cheekily informed the officer: “If you had been going any faster I would have booked you,” according to the BBC. 

The real officer doubted the authenticity of the fantasist moonlighting as a cop and asked him which force he worked for and the station he operated from. 

Upon realizing he had been rumbled, Weekes sped off and overtook several cars at great speed along “narrow and congested” roads. The South Welsh oddity was later traced by the rented car’s number plate and subsequently arrested at his home in Tredegar, where police found a collection of uniforms, batons and handcuffs. 

During his trial he told the court that it was his fascination with authority figures that led him to impersonate an officer. Although he was unable to explain what drove him to continue the façade after he realized he pulled over a legitimate policeman. 

In addition to impersonating a police officer Weekes admitted to driving without due care and attention. He was served with a six month driving ban and given a 12 month community order along with having to pay £85 costs and a £60 surcharge.


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